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Be-Guided is dedicated to providing the highest quality surgical guides and ensuring a simple and stress-free experience for both patients and clinicians.

Surgical Guides

Discover the difference expertly designed and fabricated surgical guides can have on your surgical results, patient satisfaction, and practice’s efficiency.

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New Doctors

New Doctors

Be-Guided welcomes all new doctors! If you are interested in experiencing the best surgical guides available, then we invite you to use our streamlined case submission process.


Our laboratory team also provides a comprehensive implant planning service and immediate provisionals. All of our additional services are backed by decades of prosthodontic experience.

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Your Partner in Stress-Free Implant Success

Be-Guided Dental Lab provides skillfully designed surgical guides, esthetic provisionals, and comprehensive implant case planning. Located in the Chicago area of Illinois, this family-owned and operated dental lab ensures stress-free implant surgeries for clinicians throughout the United States.

We understand patient care and satisfaction are your top priority, which is why we are proud to have been founded by a board-certified prosthodontist with more than 30 years of experience in prosthodontics. Our team is able to help your practice simplify implant surgeries, and make the entire experience stress-free for both your team and your patients.