Immediate Provisionals

When an immediately loaded restoration is an option, we provide our immediate provisionals. They are milled out of a dense block of PMMA, which affords these temporary restorations natural esthetics and translucency. Expertly fabricated, this solution will ensure your patients never have to endure unnecessary discomfort during the healing process. All of our provisionals will give your patients the desired fit, function, and comfort until their permanent restoration or prosthesis is ready. In addition to providing durability and comfort after their surgery, these provisionals will also allow your patient to provide you with feedback that will inform the fabrication of the final restoration. In the rare instances a provisional does not perfectly suit a patient, their end restoration can be adjusted to fix any issue.


check mark iconExceptional Comfort

check mark iconValuable Feedback

check mark iconDecreased Chairtime

check mark iconSuperior Healing